Shred School Testimonials

i-SIGMA is proud of the Shred School workshop hosted each year. But don’t take our word for it, please take the word of past attendees…

2022 Testimonials

“Great speakers, partners, and event as a whole. Provided lots of resources and knowledge.

– Cole Allen, File Pro, Dallas Attendee

“Another great Shred School! Many thanks to the i-SIGMA Team and sponsors for all the hard work they put into helping all of us stay current and continue to upgrade our business processes. Highly recommend!”

– Margaret Meier, UltraShred Technologies, Virtual Attendee

First time here. Y’all did an awesome job!

– Keith Butts, Secure Document Shredding, Dallas Attendee

2021 Testimonials

As a new truck owner and being new to the industry, I found this to be a very informative and educational experience. I was very impressed with the industry professionals that were in attendance.The information and sharing of experiences will be invaluable to me in my new business. Great event. Look forward to coming back in the future and will take full advantage of all the resources.

– John Dale Smack, J3 Mobile Shredding, Chicago Attendee

Shred School, revisited. This is my second Shred School and it did not disappoint. I sharpened my skills, reviewed current best practices, and acquired valuable take ways that will be used immediately.

– Katie Chambers, Pure Data Services, Virtual Attendee

First time to Shred School, 2 months in industry, learned so much, great advice and strategies.

– Payton Snokhous, H.O.T. Shred/Medwaste service, Chicago Attendee

2020 Testimonials

Shred School is an excellent way for you to learn more about the document destruction industry. I learned so many great tips to grow our business. I look forward to next years Shred School. 

– Tabatha Dow, Beacon Secure

I am a newcomer to the industry. I found Shred School to be very enlightening. It filled in the gaps regarding how to spot potential clients, ways to increase income, how to sell compliance, etc. It left me feeling confident I made the right choice in choosing this business and I am excited to put what I learned to use.  

– Simmie Westbrook, Rapid Response Shredding, LLC

Covers what you need to know about the industry. 

– Tolu Jaiyeol, The Shred Station

2019 Testimonials

Shred School is great for fun, education, and future opportunities. I have attended Shred School before and have had just as many take-aways, if not more, the second time around. I will definitely attend again. Anyone in the shredding industry that wants to see their company grow should attend. 

– Josh Hartwell, Information Protection Services Inc | Shred Boss LLC

“This was my first Shred School. I learned a lot and enjoyed it! “

– Leigh Boyles, Land Shark Shredding

“Extremely useful workshop. Plan on continuing to attend in future. “

– Thomas Light, Certified Document Security

“I found it to be complete and very informative. Great experience.”

– George Vasquez, Paper Cuts, Inc.

2018 Testimonials

“An excellent learning experience. My only regret is that I did not attend earlier!”

– John Nealon, M1 Document Solutions LTD

Shred School gave me many great tips to implement in my future sales endeavors! I loved sharing with other industry experts and hearing what works for them. It’s a very relaxed and interactive atmosphere. I felt very welcomed to add my input and offer my personal experience. All the speakers had valuable advice to succeed in this industry. All around great experience, we’ll be back!”

– Melanie DeVries, DeVries Information Management

“I’m completely satisfied with the entire experience!”

– Nathanael McDonald, Brenco Document Security

“This opened my mind to how we might be doing things right/wrong. Gave us a lot to process and great tools to implement on a daily basis.”

– Mike Myiow, A-1 Shredding Inc.

“I didn’t think that I would get much out of this. I was wrong. I am the driver for our company and never realized how much I could do to help our brand.”

– Robert Wiersema, Abraham’s On-Site Shredding Service

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