Call for Presentations: Submit a Proposal

Shred School hosted by i-SIGMA is designed as the premier sales training workshop for the secure data destruction industry. If you believe you have a session beneficial to share with colleagues, please submit it below.

Guidelines for Presenters & Panelists

Please note the following guidelines:

  • All proposals will be considered.
  • Please do not submit more than two proposals.
  • Commercial/promotional presentations are not permitted.
  • If selected, the session and your profile will be promoted on the Shred School website.
  • As a speaker, promotional materials may not be distributed in session rooms.
  • The sale of copyrighted materials (i.e., those items held in copyright by anyone other than the seller) is prohibited. This includes written material, audio and video tapes, and music.
  • We do not share our attendee names and contact information with presenters or panelists (sponsors excluded).
  • Each presenter and panelist must register themselves for the event.
  • Presenters and panelists are responsible for any hotel and travel expenses.
  • Presenters and panelists travel at their own risks and assume all liability.

    Call for Presentations

    Submit a Proposal to Present

    i-SIGMA is looking for proposals for presentations for upcoming webinars and the 2021 Shred School. This is currently scheduled as one live, in-person event to be held in Chicago October 6-7 and and one virtual event October 27-28. Those submitting proposals are committing to be available to attend BOTH events and to cover their own travel costs.

    All proposals are due by the 22nd of June. A final determination on session selection will be determined thereafter. Please note there may not be any compensation for presenting, should the presentation submitted be selected.

    Submission Deadline: 22 June 2021.


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    Check this box if you agree that as a presenter and/or panelist, you have read and understood your responsibilities as outlined on this page and will abide by these in your presentation.