03 May 2018

Shred School continues to sell out workshops

The first two Shred School workshops in 2014 have sold out, with NAID leaders predicting more to come.

“I’m ecstatic about the rave reviews from 2014 graduates thus far,” said NAID Deputy Executive Director Ray Barry. “We’ve had several participants say they’d like to come back next year already. So we’re always evolving the curriculum as the industry changes to keep it fresh.”

This year NAID increased the number of workshops and locations by five and added two workshops outside of the U.S. The first workshop of 2014 was in Las Vegas, Nev. Las Vegas, which sold out days before the event.

“Vegas set the tone for the year,” said NAID Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg. “We made some major changes to the program and wanted to make it more accessible to NAID members. After seeing both Vegas and Atlanta sell out and hearing the great feedback on the curriculum, it makes us more excited for future workshops.”

Some of the changes made included more information on LinkedIn prospecting, relationship building, online advertising and mistakes to avoid making in the industry. Also, Drew Dekker of NetGain SEO was added to the speakers list, which includes NAID staff members Ray Barry, Kristina Carlberg, Bob Johnson and Jamie Hughes.

“I truly did not expect to gain as much information and as many ideas as I did from this two-day class,” said Karen Bograd of PRR Services who attended the Atlanta workshop. “Shred School is a must for everyone in the industry.”

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