Below is a list of the qualified trainers that will work with Shred School students. Substitutions for speakers may be necessary at some events. Additionally, Shred School reserves the right to host guest speakers at some events without notice.

RAY BARRY – Shred America/ Carolina Shred, Managing Partner

Ray Barry is best known as the previous Dean and founder of Shred School, a popular sales training course that contributed to the success of many of the well-known secured destruction and information management companies around the globe. Prior to his current role as a Partner at Carolina Shred & Shred America (Spartanburg SC) , Barry worked in sales leadership positions for national and international secure destruction companies, trained industry professionals at more than 400 companies (over 1,200 industry professionals), and served as NAID President, Secretary, and Director and also spent 2 years as NAID Deputy Executive Director. He has also been a presenter at NAID Global Conferences the past 12 years. He also was a recipient of the 2017 NAID President’s Award.

CORY LAYES – Bins4 Shredding, General Manager

Cory Layes is the General Manager of Bins4 Shredding, Inc. and has been an industry expert in collection containers for over 20 years. He started his career in 1996 with Busch Systems learning every aspect of the business and was involved in the production, printing, packaging, and shipping of various containers for recycling, waste and organics programs. He was introduced to the document destruction world in 2005 and dove in head first, working with shredding companies of all sizes around the globe. Cory has represented secure bins throughout North America and attended various NAID and Prism events in Canada, USA and parts of Europe. He was very successful in this role and excelled in assisting everyone from small family businesses to large buying groups. From 2011 to present, he took on the role of Export Manager and set up partnerships with companies in the UK, Poland, Iceland, Dubai, Australia and various locations in Central and South America. By traveling to these and many other countries, Cory built several successful business relationships by educating and providing superior recycling and document destruction containers. With Bins4 Shredding’s much-anticipated re-launch earlier this year, it was a natural fit to accept the role of General Manager and Cory has enjoyed reconnecting with new and existing customers along with helping start-up locations grow their businesses. Through Cory’s network of trusted advisors, customers and industry partners, he will bring forth a full and complete line of document destruction containers that cannot be matched to give his customers a competitive advantage.

DARYL WOYTOWICZ – NetGain SEO, Sales Manager

Daryl Woytowicz has come full circle in the document industry. He spent 10 years in the document creation industry (printing & copying) then another 10 years in the document retirement industry (shredding, storage, & scanning). Now Daryl has gone digital with NetGain SEO. But with his deep roots in the shredding industry, he now focuses on helping local shredding companies beat their competitors online. (Daryl says he won’t miss the occupational hazard of paper cuts.)

DREW DEKKER, NetGain SEO, Founder

Drew Dekker is the founder of NetGain SEO, a leading digital marketing agency. Drew is a recognized expert in his field and is frequently invited to discuss online trends at conferences and events across the country. Dekker has supported the shredding industry for the past decade and is a familiar face at NAID’s Shred School. He takes pride in helping local destruction companies beat their competition with a strong online presence. As a Google Partner, Drew Dekker has developed a specialized pay-per-click advertising program for the shredding industry.

EMIL BRIGNOLA III, American Container Equipment and Supplies

Emil Brignola brings his business acumen to the shredding industry. Emil was a participant on the advertising side during the cola wars which pit New Coke/Old Coke against nemesis Pepsi. He later joined Coke at rose to the level of sales director for chain fountain sales. Leaving The Coca-Cola Company to become a Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburger franchisee, Emil gained an understanding of small business operations. From these experiences and combined with his perspective of seven years as head of American Container Equipment and Supplies (ACES), Emil will highlight The Top 5 Qualities of Shred Superstars. Emil is also a Service Disabled Veteran awarded the US Army Commendation Medal.

JIM MACMILLAN, Andrews Software, Inc., VP of Sales

Jim is the VP of Sales for Andrews Software, Inc. With roots firmly from the operational side of the industry, he began his career on the inside of a records center owned by Andrews Records Management – at the time, one of the largest independent record centers in the country. Andrews had developed their own software solution for managing record centers, offsite media vaults and later, document destruction. Having learned the business Jim transferred to the software company to head up sales. Today, Andrews Software is a global company with software installations all over the world. Throughout the past 17 years, Jim has seen the inside of businesses all over the world providing a unique vantage on the industry, traveling to multiple continents installing, training and consulting businesses on how best to utilize software and maximize it’s potential. He regularly speaks, educates and presents at private engagements and at various conference meetings including NAID, Shred School, and other industry associations.

KELLY MARTINEZ – NAID, Director of Marketing & Communication

Kelly Martínez brings 15 years of marketing expertise to Shred School, including small, mid-sized and large global organizations, B2C and B2B audience engagement, and service as well as product marketing. Having worn every hat a marketer could and helped to build a business from the ground up, she understands what marketing for a small business means. She is passionate about people and bringing forward successful strategic solutions. Martínez speaks, writes, consults and mentors on various topics.

TOM DUMEZ – Prime Compliance, Owner & President

Prime Compliance provides an industry-specific risk assessment and a ‘real world’ employee HIPAA training program to RIM companies. More than 90 companies (record centers, document destruction companies, scanning/imaging companies, data vaults, corporate wellness programs and medical device manufacturing companies) have trusted us to provide training and consulting services. Prime Compliance offers additional services such as providing necessary documents for you, review of PnP, employee handbook, and business associate agreement review. To date, Prime has assisted more than 90 companies in becoming more ‘compliance focused’ as they do their daily business while at the same time lowering their risk of causing a data breach. Tom Dumez is a 12-year RIM industry veteran and brings a unique perspective to help companies honestly deal with risks, all based on his experience at several different levels of the organization that he worked for. Tom’s employee training has been approved by NAID as an alternative training to NAID’s own training, and he is also a NAID Board Approved Consultant that companies can use to help them obtain their first time AAA certification. He has helped many companies become certified for the first time. Tom is a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) and a Certified Security Compliance Specialist (CSCS).

WILL VASEY – Jake, Connor & Crew, Sales Director

Will Vasey is the Sales Director for Jake, Connor & Crew. With over 15 years of sales and marketing experience combined with 10 years in the shredding and waste industries, Will is very familiar with the importance of a strong sales and marketing strategy within an organization. As Sales Director for the leading manufacturer of shred bin and console containers, Will successfully manages the company’s sales force working with shred and waste companies internationally. His expertise assists companies of all sizes from startups to large multinational organizations. With years of experience in providing the best container solutions worldwide for shredding and waste applications, his knowledge and ability to provide answers and direction are valued and respected by the industry.


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