Shred School is educational and entertaining! There is a plethora of information from industry standards to creating sales proposals.

- Lori Wiltz, All Shred

Shred School is a must for all data destruction professionals!

- Tamara Parker, TechnoCycle

I thought I knew it all but I was wrong. I really got a lot out of Shred School and picked up some good sales and marketing tidbits.

- Jim Shasky, DeVries Business Services, Inc.

The idea of attending a shredding school seemed like a waste of time considering the previous knowledge and experience I had accumulated over the years. I was wrong. Shred School exceeded my expectations and I have gained valuable knowledge and learned new techniques that will greatly influence my approach to the market, the prospect, and selling our services.

- Stephen Richards, Jr., Richards & Richards

Every topic at Shred School was relevant and kept my interest. The networking was fantastic. Ray was funny, knowledgeable and captivating. Kristina was easily approachable, energetic and shared a lot of relevant information about social media. Bob was brilliant and passionate.

- Gina Magnan, Certified Document Security

I have been in the business for more than a decade. In my experience, it has been difficult to find people that can help a shredding company with its sales and marketing. Kristina, Bob and Ray helped me more in two days than 100 sales and marketing professionals did in 10 years.

- Amadeo Roig Casanova, Destrupack

Shred School was an excellent event that was very well organized and professionally delivered. I wish had been available sooner.

- Jim McCaughey, Data Safe Storage

“I recommend Shred School to anyone in the industry. Whether you’re training or have been in the industry for years, the Shred School staff teaches you a lot of beneficial information to help you succeed in the industry. I’d come back.”

- Kayla Wieck, Richards & Richards

“I enjoyed meeting new people and learning how to be more effective with social media at Shred School. Now, I feel more informed about the industry and NAID programs, I understand how to reach the market, and I have a plan.”

- Lisa Magee, Magnolia Data Solutions

“Shred School forced me to take a look at all the areas we could improve upon so we didn’t become complacent with what we are currently doing.”

- Bryan Ziegler

“Shred School is fantastic! Whether it’s your first time or a repeat visit, it’s always full of insight into how to build revenue and grow your shred business. Whether you have one location or are part of a larger organization, the principles still apply. It’s always great to have direct access to some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry.”

- Mike Levin, Corodata

“I thought this was just going to be useful for our sales team. Boy was I wrong! There was so much useful information that I can use as an operations manager. I will definitely attend more Shred Schools in the future.”

- Rich Mueller, Piranha Paper Shredding

“My bosses have a combined 25 years of experience and, after I attended Shred School, I was able to teach them and bring them up to date on the everchanging industry. Shred School is the real deal and is absolutely worth the investment.”

- Dylan Johnson, IntelliShred

“I have been in the shredding business for several years and I want to take my business to the next level. Shred School has provided me with the tools and information to do that.”

- Brenda Huff, Shred Shop of Memphis, LLC

“It was a good overview of the shredding industry and great information on social media. As a business that is fairly new, all the tools in the social media arena can be overwhelming. Shred School showed me what to focus on and prioritize.”

- Laura Forger, Shamrock Shredding

“Exact, pertinent, realistic and focus driven, it’s an interactive learning experience. Shred School provides relevant industry context in a crowded sales training environment. It is mission-critical information delivered with a smile. Well executed. Well done.”

- Rick Russell, Shred Guard

“Bob, Ray, Kristina and Jamie were all very friendly and extremely helpful. The information and experience they shared was more than valuable in helping me to decide to pursue my very own shredding business. If you are questioning whether to attend Shred School, I would say, without hesitation, go!”

- Ryan Beard

“Thanks for supporting members, NAID. Shred School is a must-attend for people in the information destruction business. I know what I learned will give me an edge in my market. Great job!”

- Jon Forbes, Shred Alaska, Inc.

“NAID is an invaluable resource for continuing education. Shred School is a great way for Rogue Shred to attract new customers and, more importantly, keep current customers.”

- Mike Jacobson, Rogue Shred, LLC

“When you get too busy running the day-to-day operations of your company, it’s always good to get a refresher on why we are in this industry.”

- David A. Isham, CSDS, Data Shredding Service

“Shred School was not only informative but fast paced enough to keep my attention. All the speakers were friendly, fun and gave an element of humor in their presentations that made the class enjoyable. I’d like to attend again.”

- Jeremy Brown, Shred Alaska

“My new sales representative found it very educational and helpful. She thought Bob was an exceptional presenter and was blown away by his knowledge. To top it off, in the first week back from Shred School, she already won new business. Shred School definitely accelerated her training time and was well worth the investment. All my future sales representative will attend Shred School!”

- Jim Beran, Gilmore Services

“The NAID Shred School has taught me a great deal. I am new to this industry and am looking for ways to learn as quickly as possible. What better way than the two-day Shred School!”

- Ryan Miller, Miller Recycling

“Kristina killed it with her presentation about social media! I hope NAID knows she has real talent. She captured the attention of the audience and really spoke with conviction.”

- Lauren Maguire, Highland Shredding

“Bob is such a motivational speaker!”

- Maria Reyes, Northeast Data Destruction

“I found the Shred School program to be very informative and interesting. I left the sessions with information and documents that I can put to use in my business. Overall, the sessions were very relevant to my business and the industry we work in.”

- Kristina Dearborn, Environmental Integrity

“Shred School exceeded my expectations! I particularly appreciated the detailed presentation Understanding and Applying the Relevant Data Protection Laws and Regulations.”

- Lisa DiPaolo Bacewicz, PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC
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