Top 10 Mistakes Data Destruction Companies Make

Presented by: Ray Barry, Stevens & Stevens BRM, Inc.
The first session of Shred School is a comprehensive overview of the records and information management (RIM) and secure destruction services marketplaces. The session outlines the historic landscape of information destruction and the top 10 mistakes to avoid in the industry. Attendees will leave this session with a thorough understanding of the interrelationships between the factors and players that influence the secure destruction world and the potential pitfalls for industry veterans and newcomers.

What I’ve Learned by Getting Back in the Business 10 Years Later

Presented by: Ray Barry, Stevens & Stevens BRM, Inc.
From 2000 to 2006, Ray Barry was a part of one of the fastest growing information destruction companies in the world. Shred First grew from 1 truck to over 20 in 6 short years before they sold the business in 2006. The company made the Inc. 500 twice. Fast forward to 2016. After 10 years of various industry-related roles (one of them teaching Shred School) Ray followed his heart, reentering the day-to-day world of information destruction! In this session, Ray will explain what is different about the industry now compared to then and attendees can do to adapt and evolve in order to maintain rapid growth for their business!

Using Data Protection Regulations to Sell Better

Presented by: Bob Johnson, NAID
Increasingly strong data protection regulations have been the important drivers of industry growth over the past decade but they remain among the most misunderstood and misrepresented areas. As a result, many secure destruction service providers are missing out on opportunities to capitalize on them. In this session, attendees will learn more about regulations, how to use that information in the sales arena, and ways to help their clients achieve compliance.

Using Contracts and Insurance to Sell and Protect

Presented by: Bob Johnson, NAID
Contracts and insurance are most often thought of as necessary evils. Filled with complicated language and legal terms, few would think they are among the best sales tools a service provider can use – provided they know how to talk about them intelligently. In this session, attendees will learn how to change the discussion from price to service provider qualifications. Competition is left in the dust once a customer understands that a real secure destruction professional can explain how and why contracts and insurance are at the heart of providing real data destruction protection.

Risks, Breaches, and Penalties

Presented by: Tom Dumez, Prime Compliance
In this session, attendees will study recent data breaches, related fines and penalties, and their impact on the information destruction industry. Attendees will be shown emerging risks their organizations face on a daily basis and be given practical and thought-provoking strategies for mitigating those risks. Some specific risks covered include employees and their roles; policies and procedures (good versus bad), risk assessments and what should be considered when deciding who/what to use; providing proper and relevant employee training that actually lowers risks and not just ‘checks a box.’

Numbers Are the Key to Success; Routing Strategies That Pay Dividends

Presented by: Joe Roberto, CSDS; Shred-Tech
In this session, the founder of one of the most successful secure destruction companies in the world, and the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing for one of the world’s most highly-regarded shredder manufacturers, will explain how to improve and maximize routes and increase efficiency and capacity. After attending this session, attendees will no longer have to wonder how much profit they are making. They will learn how to calculate true operating and service costs and learn proven strategies to prevent money-losing deals.

Marketing Automation in Shredding

Presented by: Drew Dekker, Netgain SEO
Mostly using software to automate communications, lead nurturing, customer satisfaction, google reviews, moving a purge to scheduled service, customer retention, recurring annual purge campaigns and moving clients to other services via both electronic and phone follow ups. Essentially customer lifecycle, retention using automation to increase bottom line and replacing manual sales processes by using automation tools to increase the company’s bottom line.

The Importance of Technology, Software and Profit

Presented by: Jim MacMillan, Andrews Software, Inc.
Technology and software are as important a resource to business as the people employed and the equipment used. Something as valuable as a reputation can easily be enhanced with the right use of technology. Learn how to do more - with less, increase profit, remove bad habits, institute standards, and out-smart the competition. Whatever preconceived ideas one has had about technology will be challenged in this session.



Handling Call-ins and Web Leads Effectively to Close More Sales!

Presented by: Ray Barry, Stevens & Stevens BRM, Inc.
When prospective clients call or inquire about services through websites, they are usually ready to buy! They are also very misinformed and lack the knowledge of what is different between competitors. This is a great opportunity to make sure prospective clients are well-informed buyers. How to handle call-ins and web leads and the questions to ask these referrals/leads will have a DIRECT impact on the amount of business attendees close. Companies who do not ask the right questions in this situation usually wonder why their opportunities always come down to price. In this session, we will go over how effectively handle these opportunities and participants will take away the right questions with Ray’s “incoming call/ lead form” to close more sales!

Helping Grow: The Keys to Being Effective in the Market and Getting Noticed

Presented by: Cory Lays, Big Dog Shred Bins
Industry suppliers are in a unique position. They have the benefit of working with Shredders across North America and have an insight to what works and what doesn’t when trying to grow businesses. In this session, NAID Associate member and Shred School sponsor Big Dog Shred Bins will share the tips and tricks used by some of the fastest growing service providers to grow their businesses. Some things may be out of the box thinking where others are tried, tested and true.

Why Brand Matters

Presented by: Kelly Martínez, NAID
Many businesses don't understand branding or the power it has to make or break them. Whether you intended it or not, your small business already has a brand! Learn how to actively cultivate it to increase sales and the pitfalls to avoid to keep your brand from being destroyed. NAID Director of Marketing & Communications, Kelly Martínez, will walk you through what branding is really all about, as well as provide simple steps to solidify it and meaningfully promote your small business.

The Role and Application of Secure Collection Containers

Presented by: Will Vasey, Jake, Connor & Crew.
In this session, attendees will learn the various types of secure collection container options. This session will also cover many of the practical, contractual, records management, and legal and regulatory compliance issues related to collection containers, documentation and acceptance of custody.

Should Secure Destruction Service Providers Be Social on Social Media?

Presented by: Kelly Martínez, NAID
Businesses and individuals alike often wonder if it is worthwhile to have a social media presence. There is ambiguity regarding which network might be best and how to manage it all. Of course for any business, but especially small businesses, the critical question is "Is this even worth our time?" or "Will there be a return on investment?" In this session, attendees will get a foundational understanding of the various social media platforms in order to decide whether or not they should have a social media presence, in what capacity, and scalable options for how to practically manage for specific, measurable results.

Design Your Own Sales Machine

Presented by: Ray Barry, Stevens & Stevens BRM, Inc.
Secure destruction services achieving the greatest success in today’s market have a prospecting system in place that automatically generates leads and sales? It does not rely on superstar salespeople or unrealistic expectations. It is truly a sales machine. They have a “sales roadmap” in place that is repeatable and can be replicated to shorten the sales cycle and close more effectively? In this session, we will put together an “action plan” of everything you learned at Shred School so you can customize your very OWN Sales machine!

If I Were Your Sales Manager

Presented by: Bob Johnson, NAID
Shred School is just the first step in professional development. The world of data destruction is evolving quickly. The knowledge gained and the tools provided in Shred School give an excellent foundation but true success can only be realized by becoming a student of the industry. This session will discuss how attendees can continue their professional development and introduce Shred School’s advanced educational forum.

Please note, the Shred School agenda and/or Trainers may change. Additionally, Shred School reserves the right to host guest speakers at some events without notice.

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